Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Klingons 1, Clones 0

Lego Hacker hacked this diminutive Republic Walker from the Star Wars universe into a Klingon battlecruiser from Star Trek.

The background image is from NASA.

Star Wars is Star Trek in an alternative universe

Lego Hacker turned the Star Wars hyena droid into a Dominion battlecruiser from the Star Trek universe.

Again, Lego Hacker's sister chose the background (I'm afraid we don't know how to give the artist credit).

From Star Wars to Star Trek, Lego style

Lego Hacker has begun transforming Star Wars Lego sets into Star Trek ships. Here a Corporate Alliance tank droid from Star Wars becomes a Federation starship from Star Trek.

The background image, chosen by Lego Hacker's sister, is by Gucken.